For Jerry West and the Rest of us


(Left: Current NBA logo/ Right: Jerry West photo by the late Wen Roberts/

I’m pretty sure a lot of people think the current NBA logo is perfectly fine just the way it is. They probably say and ask things along the lines of it has been that way for years, why change it? Those are probably the same people who might not know the ideology behind Alan Siegel’s design. Might not know that the identity of the anonymous man dribbling a basketball happens to be Los Angeles Lakers’ legend, Jerry West.


Siegel only used pictures of West when deciding who is going to be the face of the NBA in 1969, using words like symbolic of ““high-level basketball around the world” and “favorite player Oscar Robertson” around the same time Wilt Chamberlin was stacking up scoring titles and Bill Russell was collecting chips and handing Ls to Mr. West himself. The same West that has the only loser’s Finals’ MVP and eight NBA Final loss in nine tries, West didn’t deserve it before or now. I know he helped build a lot of those Laker teams but he won’t make the top three list of former Laker greats, the list is a too long and overfilled with legends like Kareem Abdul Jabber, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlin, Shaquille O’Neil, and Kobe Bryant. That being clarified lets now search for a new NBA logo,

ExNBA decided to ask the fans – would they want the league’s logo to be changed?

According to the poll – 41 percent of fans believe that the logo should be changed, and Michael Jordan must be on it.

The second choice was to leave NBA legend Jerry West on the logo – he has been there ever since 1969. This answer got 33 percent of all votes.

“Change the logo completely, do not use any players” option was third, with 12 percent of all votes.

Next – 6 percent of voters believe that Bill Russell should be put on the logo if the league decides to change it.

Only 3 percent of voters think that Wilt Chamberlain should be on the new logo.

“Use a basketball player’s silhouette” option also gathered 3 percent of votes.

“Use a team silhouette” option was the least selected one, with 2 percent of all votes.




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